Sustainability Report 2016


We contribute ideas, exchange opinions and state our point of view. We use various platforms to do so, such as regular communications on the intranet, e-mail surveys, interactive information events recorded on video and sometimes broadcast live, and our annual employee assembly followed by our staff party. In 2017, we plan to conduct our comprehensive employee survey “Sag es!” (Say it!) for the third time: Attitudes about issues such as cooperation, cross-departmental processes and leadership are openly discussed by everyone from employee to top management, and these discussions culminate in concrete Company-wide action plans and measures. As a result of our last employee survey in 2014, for instance, we defined and implemented over 250 measures.

We particularly value the trusting and constant cooperation with all organs of codetermination in our organisation. Our Supervisory Board is comprised of six members with equal representation of employee and employer interests as contractually guaranteed by legal requirements. In three Supervisory Board meetings in 2016, through written reports, and in verbal presentations by the Executive Board, the Supervisory Board was updated about and discussed the current status of our business, our economic situation and the status and development of risks. A spokesmenʼs committee (Sprecherausschuss) with information and consultation rights represents the interests of our executives. Our Works Council is responsible for representing all other employees at 50Hertz. Its broad range of tasks includes supervision of various Company and unit projects such as the development of the new working environment at the 50Hertz Netzquartier building.

A group-wide exchange takes place in the European Works Council of the Elia Group. During joint activities like the Industrial Group Committee of the Electricity Industry and the Work Group of Network Operators, we actively foster employee interests in the infrastructure networks sector. Furthermore, we regularly send guest speakers and lecturers to educational events hosted by IG BCE. Supporting our employeesʼ union commitment is important to us, so we offer orientation and information events, our “Schnupperkurse Mitbestimmung” (Trial Courses on Codetermination), and give interested colleagues time off to get to know IG BCE and learn more about its work. In December 2016, we established 50Hertzʼ first youth and trainee representation (Jugend- und Auszubildendenvertretung or JAV). The three-person committee is elected for a two-year term, represents the interests of our young employees across the Company and works closely with the other committees of Company codetermination..

Informationsveranstaltung im 50Hertz-Netzquartier Im Netzquartier bieten wir viel Raum für Austausch und Informationsveranstaltungen.