Sustainability Report 2016


Our Company Charter expresses it clearly: As a reflection of our convictions, we are committed to fostering diversity and strictly condemn any discriminating conduct in all aspects of professional life. All of our employees enjoy equal rights regardless of their ethnic origin, age and gender, their sexual orientation, religious affiliation, political views, national or social origin, or any other factors.

Equality Charter

Equal opportunities for men and women: This goal is part of the IG BCEʼs “Equality Charter”, which we have signed. We feel it is our duty to support the idea of “Fair Share” and strive for a proportion of female employees in our job profiles equal to that outside of the Company. Our in-house initiative “50:50 – das Frauennetzwerk” (The Womenʼs Network) works toward promoting the development of personal and professional competence and the presence and influence of women at 50Hertz (more on this topic in the Annual Report [Management report of 50Hertz Transmission GmbH] under “Corporate governance declaration” on p. 57).

Reconciliation of work and family life

We do not just pay lip service to creating a family-friendly work environment and a good work-life balance. Our employees enjoy numerous benefits allowing them to have productive careers in harmony with their private lives and the needs of their families. In order to give mothers and fathers the necessary flexibility for managing child care, we have established a Company agreement promoting compatibility of work and family. The agreement regulates questions of parental leave, support services, flexible work hours, special leave and sabbaticals, as well as professional support. At the end of 2016, 16 employees were on parental or care leave. In our new corporate headquarters, the 50Hertz Netzquartier building, we have created a day care centre called “Energiebündel” (Bundles of Energy) for the children of our employees, which also offers a few slots for children from the neighbourhood. Beyond that, we have established a parent-child office for short-term child care needs. If for instance a day care service or school is cancelled at short notice, mothers and fathers can use the office to coordinate their business activities, answer e-mails and take care of their children at the same time.

Inclusion Agreement

At 50 Hertz, fostering diversity and equal opportunity also means giving people with health-related disabilities the same opportunities as people without disabilities. We established an Inclusion Agreement in 2013 with the works council, the spokesmenʼs committee (Sprecherausschuss), and the representative for disabled employees at 50Hertz. This agreement defines measures for supporting people with disabilities in their working life. An internal inclusion team is charged with implementing and monitoring the agreement. During the reporting period, the proportion of disabled and equivalent employees was 2.7 per cent. We will continue to gradually increase that proportion in accordance with work place-specific requirements in our commercial and technical departments.