Sustainability Report 2016

occupational health and safety

Protecting our employeesʼ health and safety is our highest priority, as is underscored by our Guideline on Health and Work Safety, which is binding for all employees. Health and work safety and injury and illness prevention are integrated into our corporate strategy and practiced by all employees as they go about their daily business. We are firmly convinced that every accident is one too many. This is why we instruct every employee on how to be conscious of hazards, report them immediately and submit suggestions for promoting safe and healthy working conditions. The number of work-related accidents in our organisation and our illness rate are among the lowest in the entire energy industry.

During the 2016 reporting period, three reportable accidents occurred at 50Hertz. As in 2015, both the accident rate and accident severity are low and within our targets. The number of work-related accidents in contracted companies has declined slightly compared to the previous year, but is above the level of 50Hertz staff due to the large number of contracted service providers. All of the 21 accidents were slight and caused by trips, slips and falls.

Accident statistics 50Hertz

  31 Dec. 2016 31 Dec. 2015
Work-related accidents 50Hertz (with at least 1 missed workday) 3 5
Accident rate* 2,0 3,0
Accident severity** 0,16 0,05
Health rate*** 96,3 96,5
Number of accidents contractors 21 22

* Number of work-related accidents with missed time (≥ 1 day) x 1,000,000/number of hours worked.
** Number of missed days due to work-related accidents in calendar days x 1,000/number of hours worked
*** Number of target work hours – missed hours due to inability to work x 100/number of target work hours

Safety-oriented work practices 

We continuously promote safety-oriented work practices in our organisation. Our employees in the professional departments are instructed six times per year, those in the engineering and commercial departments once per year. We also conduct an annual work safety competition to further sensitise and motivate our staff. During our installation and maintenance deployments, we pay strict attention to our workersʼ personal protective gear being up to date and continuously update our requirements list. Our work safety management system applies Company-wide and was again successfully certified according to OHSAS 18001 : 2007 in December 2016. 

Our health and work safety efforts do not stop outside the Company gate: Our stringent 50Hertz standards also apply to contracted companies working on our construction sites. During the contracting process and later via IT supported construction monitoring by specially trained 50Hertz employees, we ensure that our suppliers comply with 50Hertzʼ strict safety requirements.

 Training for work on the extra-high voltage grids. Highest safety level: Training for work on the extra-high voltage grids.

Occupational health and safety


In addition to occupational safety, we are also very concerned with maintaining our employeesʼ health. On our digital health platform, we offer a variety of services to preserve and improve our staffʼs wellbeing. Our employees can browse through a list of courses on various health topics such as exercise, nutrition, stress management and smoking cessation, to flexibly and individually select the services most suitable to their needs. Under the motto “Fit at 50Hertz”, we offer financial support to Company sports associations and a diverse range of holistic exercise programmes like yoga, qigong or feldenkrais. We proudly support our employeesʼ participation in public events like the Berlin Team Relay race, the HSH Nordbank Run benefiting the childrenʼs charity “Kinder helfen Kindern” (Children help Children), the bicycle race Jedermann-Radrennen Cyclassics in Hamburg or the Rennsteig-Herbstlauf run in Thuringia.