Sustainability Report 2016


Fair pay for employees and attractive benefits are a matter of course at 50Hertz. We constantly work to refine our remuneration systems to remain an attractive employer for our staff. IG BCE, together with the Employersʼ Association of Energy and Supply Companies (Arbeitgeberverband energie- und versorgungswirtschaftlicher Unternehmen e.V. or AVEU), negotiates our collective agreements. Fair remuneration based on requirements and performance regardless of gender is supplemented by comprehensive Company benefits and the offer of Company pension insurance. Our remuneration system includes success and performance based elements, which offer an incentive for achieving our common corporate goals and corresponding individual goals.


Some of our corporate social benefits

  • Employee restaurant
  • Company ticket for public transport
  • Sports sponsoring 
  • Birth allowance 
  • Day care 
  • Coverage of child care costs 
  • Cost coverage for preventive check-ups 
  • Care assistance 
  • Senior care 
  • Special leave for personal events

Stock purchase program

In addition, our employees have the option to share in the previous business yearʼs success by means of the Elia Groupʼs stock programme. The year 2016 was the fourth year every employee was offered up to 30 shares at a reduced price. Nearly 56 per cent of eligible employees took advantage of the offer.


We care about transparency: We voluntarily release the total earnings of the management team in the Consolidated Report in detail, listing the fixed and variable overall remuneration, as well as corporate pensions and any other benefits to the 50Hertz Executive Board (more on this topic in the group management report of Eurogrid GmbH on p. 15. You will find this group management report at