Sustainability Report 2016


We can only reach our corporate goals if our staff is highly qualified and thoroughly informed about current developments. We therefore offer our employees individually tailored education and training opportunities and support them in obtaining relevant additional qualifications. 

Targeted development and advanced training opportunities

These include for instance language training, which is conducted internally at 50Hertz via webinars and externally by means of intensive courses in foreign countries. Needs-based training allows all of our employees to expediently develop defined skill sets. The average training expenditures per participating employee were around EUR 1,800 during the 2016 reporting period. Systematic succession planning guarantees that a sufficient number of potentially suitable employees are available for all strategically and operationally relevant functions, and that we can fill vacancies from within the Company whenever possible. To that end, we identify talent and develop it systematically – for instance through Young Professionals programmes designed and offered in cooperation with the Elia Group. In addition, we offer all management staff 50Hertzspecific training modules for developing individual leadership skills. Since 2014, 94 management employees have participated, working cross-departmentally and cross-hierarchically on concrete cases from their management practice. We are concerned with not only grooming individual managers, but with the evolution of our entire leadership culture at 50Hertz.

Intense trainee development

We obtain qualified new talent for our organisation through our own internal apprenticeship programme, a 24-month trainee programme and by hosting internships and supervising doctoral, bachelorʼs, and masterʼs theses in cooperation with universities and colleges. In 2016, a total of 63 student employees worked for 50Hertz. Currently, 25 young men and women are completing their industrial or business apprenticeships in our organisation, which corresponds to a trainee portion of 2.4 per cent of 1,012. In addition, six employees are currently taking part in our interdisciplinary trainee programme.

Positiver Blick in die Zukunft: der Management-Nachwuchs bei 50Hertz. Positive outlook: The next generation of management at 50Hertz.

Trainee at 50Hertz – What exactly does that mean?

The 50Hertz trainee programme lasts 24 months and includes taking on responsible projects in various departments. Our trainees work at the Berlin headquarters and in the 50Hertz regional centres. In addition, a task-based deploy- ment of several months in one of the European countries and a temporary assignment at a non-governmental organisation are integral parts of the programme.