Sustainability Report 2016

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Our business activities do not result in significant water usage. Our responsibility in this regard is not so much to reduce our water consumption, but to consider water resources in the ground during our grid and substation projects and to avoid water and soil pollution with hazardous materials. For instance, we have installed special safety features in oil-containing systems. To protect the natural environment, elaborate constructions are installed beneath transformers in substations to prevent drips from entering the soil. The safety systems are inspected regularly by our maintenance technicians and refurbished or replaced when needed. Waste water is only discharged with appropriate permission from water authorities and if it was regularly tested for hazardous substances.

With regard to water protection, the Water Resources Act  and state specific Systems Regulations are of particular importance to us. We train our employees on the environmentally friendly operation of our systems and make sure that our water protection officer stays continuously updated on all new developments.

In our grid area, this is especially relevant for the coastal regions of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. Three submarine cable routes of the Ostwind 1 line construction project, which is currently underway, run south from the Westlich Adlergrund cluster, past the island of Rügen, through Greifswalder Bodden to their landing site near Lubmin. In the landing zone, we have to bore under sensitive natural conservation areas and valuable biospheres. By using the low-impact, ditchless horizontal flush drilling method we significantly reduce interference with flora and fauna in the dune landscape.