Sustainability Report 2016


Our eight locations are interfaces between energy producers, distribution system operators and consumers. Our staff of approximately 1,000 employees makes sure that over 10,200 kilometres of power lines are up and running around the clock, that electricity providers in our area are coordinated and that the lights never go out. In order to help shape a successful energy transition, we develop innovative solutions for systems and market integration of the volatile renewable energies.

As a transmission system operator, we have a “natural monopoly”: In our control area in the northern and eastern part of Germany, we are the only operator of the extra-high-voltage grid. We are therefore subject to supervision by our National Regulatory Agency (Bundesnetzagentur), which substantially impacts our business model. The Bundesnetzagentur also defines the annual revenue cap of our grid fees (more on this topic in the Annual Report in the chapter “Our business” on p. 33–34).
50Hertz Transmission GmbH and its 100-per cent subsidiary 50Hertz Offshore GmbH will hereafter be collectively called “50Hertz”. Sole shareholder of 50Hertz Transmission GmbH is Eurogrid GmbH. All three companies are headquartered in Berlin. The Belgian na-tional system operator Elia System Operator NV/SA, Elia Asset NV/SA and the IFM Global Infrastructure Fund, advised by the Australian IFM Investors Pty. Ltd. are 60 per cent (Elia) and 40 per cent (IFM) shareholders of Eurogrid through Eurogrid International CVBA/SCRL.

Corporate Structure and Participations