Sustainability Report 2017

Dialogue and Co-Determination

At 50Hertz we work together on the basis of trust and openness. This includes a regular exchange of views. For this, we use a number of different platforms, as well as regular notifications on the Intranet, e-mail surveys and interactive information events that are broadcasted live and also recorded on video. Of course, this also includes the annual all employee meeting and the employee party afterwards. In 2017, we invited our employees to participate in a broad-based employee survey for the third time. 91 percent participated. Issues such as cooperation, cross-divisional processes and leadership behaviour were assessed. They were discussed openly from the Board of Management to the employees. The detailed results were discussed in workshops with the workforce in the first quarter of 2018. We will derive specific, company-wide fields of action and measures for the individual teams from the results.

We place particular value on trusting and continuous collaboration with all the corporate co-determination committees. Our Supervisory Board consists of six members. Beyond the legal requirements, it is represented equally by employee and employer representatives. In a total of three Supervisory Board meetings in 2017, in written reports and through oral presentations by the Board of Management, the Supervisory Board was informed in depth and advised on the current business performance, the economic situation and the state and the development of the risks. A spokesperson for the speakers committee represents the interests of the executive personnel. The Works Council is responsible for representing the other employees at 50Hertz. A cross-company exchange takes place within the European Works Council of the Elia Group. In December 2016, we additionally established a youth and apprentice representation at 50Hertz. The three-member committee is elected for a term of two years, represents the interests of young people throughout the company and works closely with the other corporate co-determination committees.

Through joint events such as the Electricity Sector Industry Groups Committee and the “Netzer” Working Group, 50Hertz is committed to promoting the interests of employees working in the area of infrastructure networks. In addition, the company regularly sends guest speakers and presenters to IG BCE training events. In order to promote the trade union involvement of employees, we offer orientation and information events, such as the “Co-Determination Taster Course”.

Counting the votes – election of the youth and apprentice representation for the first time. Counting the votes – election of the youth and apprentice representation for the first time.