Sustainability Report 2017

Diversity and Equal Opportunities

We encourage diversity out of conviction. We have set out this requirement in our Company Charter. We strictly condemn any discriminatory action in all professional situations. All our employees are equal, irrespective of their ethnic origin, age, gender, sexual identity and orientation, religion, political views, national or social background or other factors. In 2017, there were no cases of discrimination at 50Hertz.

Charter for Equality

We offer equal opportunities for women and men. We have made a commitment by signing the Mining, Chemical and Energy Industrial Union (Industriegewerkschaft Bergbau, Chemie, Energie, IG BCE) Charter for Equality. We feel obliged to uphold the “fair share” concept. According to this, we wish to keep the proportion of women in the job profiles at 50Hertz as high as outside of the company. Our company-internal initiative “50:50 – The Women’s Network” promotes the further development of personal and professional competences as well as the presence and influence of women at 50Hertz. On 06 July 2017, the Remuneration Transparency Act (Entgelttransparenzgesetz, EntgTranspG) entered into force. We have submitted the first report on equality and equal pay.

Reconciliation of Work and Family

Our employees find a family-friendly working environment at 50Hertz. They can achieve a balance between life and work. We have anchored this in a Works Agreement on better reconciliation of work and family. This regulates questions of parental leave, support services, flexible working hours, special leave and sabbaticals as well as professional advancement. At the end of 2017, there were 13 employees on parental and care leave. At our headquarters, the 50Hertz Netzquartier, we have set up a children’s day care centre called Energiebündel (Bundles of Energy). Mainly the children of employees are cared for there but a few places we offer for children from the immediate vicinity of the living and working quarters of our corporate seat. 20 employees’ children and five children from the neighbourhood currently attend the day care centre. In addition to this, a parent-and-child office was set up within the 50Hertz headquarters for short-term gaps in childcare.

Inclusion Agreement

At 50Hertz, we also guarantee people with health impairments the right to diversity and equal opportunities. We grant them the same opportunities as employees without health problems. Together with the severely disabled persons’ representative, the Works Council and the speakers committee approved an inclusion agreement in 2013. In this, measures were set out to promote people with health impairments in working life. An internal inclusion team supervised the implementation of this agreement. In 2017, the proportion of severely disabled employees was 2.8 percent of our workforce. Depending on the job specific requirements in the commercial and technical areas, the rate is to gradually increase in the future. In 2017, a Cooperation Agreement was concluded with the Annedore-Leber-Berufsbildungswerk (vocational training works) in the context of which a severely disabled trainee completed her practical placement at 50Hertz.