Sustainability Report 2017

Occupational Health and Safety

The protection of life and health takes top priority for us. The health and safety at work policy is binding for all employees. Occupational safety and health protection as well as the prevention of injuries and illnesses are integrated into our corporate strategy and are implemented in practice in the day-to-day work of all employees.

Accident Statistics 50Hertz

   31/12/2017  31/12/2016
Work-related accidents 50Hertz (with at least 1 day of downtime)
6 3
Accident rate* 4.5 2.0
Accident seriousness** 0.23 0.16
Health rate*** 96.1 96.3
Number of accidents external companies 16 21

* Number of work-related accidents resulting in downtime (≥1 day) x 1,000,000/Number of hours actually worked.
** Number of days lost due to work-related accidents in calendar days x 1,000/Number of hours actually worked.
*** Number of planned working hours – Hours lost due to incapacity for work x 100/Number of planned working hours.

Safety-Oriented Work Practices

Each and every employee is jointly responsible for identifying and immediately reporting dangers in their day-to-day work and making suggestions to ensure safe and healthy work. The number of work-related accidents at 50Hertz and absenteeism are among the lowest throughout the entire energy sector. The employees in the industrial areas are trained six times a year and those in the engineering and commercial areas once a year on matters of occupational safety and health protection. Once a year, we also run an occupational safety competition. During this, we make our employees aware of this topic and motivate them to take it seriously. The personal protective equipment for employees is always kept up-to-date and we update the catalogue of requirements continuously. The occupational health and safety management system complies with the most important international standard for health and safety at work, the “Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series” (OHSAS) 18001: 2007, which applies company-wide and was re-certified in the follow-up audit in November 2017.

In 2017, 50Hertz had to register six reportable accidents at work. Therefore, we have not achieved our set goals with regard to the accident rate and the severity of accidents. We have intensively assessed each accident and have derived and implemented conclusions to improve health and safety at work. In 2018, we will work to make safety a top objective and implement extensive measures to ensure that every single employee complies with the occupational safety standards.

These occupational safety and health protection standards also apply to external companies commissioned by us. A mandatory component of our tenders and contracts, therefore, is the commitment of our partners in the form of a regulation to ensure occupational safety and environmental protection. This regulation was specified and made more transparent in 2017. During tendering and subsequently using IT-based construction inspections with trained 50Hertz personnel, we are already ensuring that the suppliers meet 50Hertz’ high safety standards. In 2017, the number of accidents at work involving external companies further decreased. From our perspective, the 16 reported accidents at work involving external companies are still too many. This is why we included an “Agreement on quality assurance on construction sites at 50Hertz” in new contracts from 01 July 2017 as a further component of the contract that allows us to carry out unrestricted inspections.

Occupational health and safety

In addition to occupational safety, we place great value on a high level of health protection. Using a digital health platform, we offer a variety of measures to maintain and increase the well-being of the workforce. The employees can choose from courses on various topics to promote health, such as exercise, nutrition, stress management and quitting smoking and find the right option for them. Under the motto “Fit at 50Hertz”, we provide financial support for company sports clubs. Holistic forms of exercise such as yoga, Qi Gong or Feldenkrais complete the variety of offers. Furthermore, we make it possible for our employees to participate in various public sports events, such as the Berlin team relay race, the “HSH Nordbank Run” for the benefit of the “Kinder helfen Kinder” (Children Helping Children) organisation, the “Jedermann-Radrennen Cyclassics” cycling race in Hamburg or the “Rennsteig” autumn run in Thuringia.

To promote and maintain capacity to work, the Works Council, 50Hertz and IG BCE have agreed specific measures. In the three fields of “health promotion”, “balancing work and personal life” and “needs-based lifetime/ working time arrangements”, attractive benefits are bundled and deployed.