Sustainability Report 2017

Remuneration and Social Benefits

50Hertz is an attractive employer and intends to continue to be so. We pay our employees fairly and offer attractive additional benefits. Our Referral Wage Agreement for the Energy Pay Scale Group regulated this. We supplement appropriate, performance-related remuneration regardless of gender with extensive in-company social benefits and the offer of a company pension scheme. The remuneration for all employee groups includes success and performance-related elements, which offer an incentive to achieve the common business objectives as well as the resulting individual priorities. Some business objectives relate to sustainable corporate management, including, for example, compliance with occupational safety and health protection as well as successful social dialogues. The factor of the remuneration of the highest-paid employee to the median total annual compensation of all employees is 8.2.

In addition, our employees can participate in the success of the previous fiscal year through an Elia Group shares programme. Already for the fifth time, every employee was offered up to 20 shares at a discounted price in 2017. Almost 55 percent of those eligible availed of the offer.

We transparently and voluntarily disclose the total remuneration paid to the Board of Management in the Consolidated Financial Statement.

Excerpt from our Company Social Benefits

           Employee Restaurant
  Ticket for Public Transport
  Sports Sponsoring

  Birth Allowance
  Day Care
Coverage of Child Care Cost
Cost Coverage for
Preventive Check-ups
  Senior Care
Special Leave for
Personal Events