Sustainability Report 2017

Education and Further Training

The 50Hertz workforce is highly qualified and informed of current developments. We offer our employees individually tailored further training and relevant additional qualifications. Needs-based training courses allow all our employees to further develop defined areas of competence in a targeted manner. The average training costs per participating employee came to about EUR 1,350 in 2017.

We endeavour to ensure that a sufficient number of potentially suitable employees are available for all management positions at 50Hertz. To this end, we have set up systematic succession planning. Thus, we can preferably fill any positions that become vacant in work areas within our company internally. For this purpose, talents are identified and promoted. This is done, for example, through programmes for young professionals that we implement together with Elia. In addition to this, managers at 50Hertz can participate in specific modules to develop their own leadership skills. Since 2014, 94 employees have taken advantage of this offer and worked through specific cases in practice across areas and hierarchies from their everyday working life as managers.

We pay attention not only to the development of the individual managers, but also to further shaping the entire management culture at 50Hertz together. An important basis for this is our regular employee survey, “Say it!” which was conducted for the third time in 2017. 50Herz attracts qualified young talent through training within its own operation and together with our partners, with a 24-month trainee programme, dual study partnerships with universities and the supervision of Internships, diploma, bachelors and masters theses in cooperation with universities and technical colleges. Additionally, 26 working students had been employed at 50Hertz in 2017.

Currently, 25 young women and men are completing industrial or commercial training. The training quota thus amounts to 2.4 percent of 1,043 employees. In addition, four employees are currently completing an interdisciplinary trainee programme.

Trainee at 50Hertz – What does that mean specifically?

The 50Hertz Trainee Programme lasts 24 months and includes taking on responsible projects in different departments of the company. Our trainees work at the headquarters in Berlin and at the 50Hertz regional centres. In addition, task-related deployments to European countries for several months and stationing at a non-governmental organisation are an integral part of the programme.


young women and men are currently
completing industrial or commercial
apprenticeship at 50Hertz.

The 50Hertz Innovation Day. Themes pertaining to the energy transition are recorded by an artist at the 50Hertz Innovation Day – in conversation, Joachim Löbe, Head of Line Projects, and Eike Göhmann (Gridlab).