Sustainability Report 2017

Waste Disposal

When dealing with waste, we act according to the motto “avoid – reuse – reduce – remove”. If plants are newly built, reconstructed or demolished, we dispose of the parts that are no longer required in a manner that saves resources.

In 2017, in addition to many new construction projects, we also realised numerous reconstruction and demolition projects. During these, a total of around 76,000 tonnes of waste were disposed of at the facilities. Compared with the previous year, the amount of waste generated increased by about 60 percent.

The waste to be disposed of consisted of over 50 different types of waste. The vast majority, at around 94 percent, was attributable to the construction and demolition waste group, such as soil, concrete, building rubble, bricks or asphalt. 50Hertz was able to implement the statutory obligation to recycle (recycling before disposal) at a recycling rate of around 85 percent.
Ein Lastkran hebt den ausgedienten Transformator in die Höhe. An obsolete transformer being disposed of in an environmentally-friendly manner.

Waste by composition, hazard class and disposal process