Sustainability Report 2017

Our Vision

For a successful energy transition – in a sustainable world

The energy transition will not just happen by itself. It is only possible if we actively work towards it. If we maintain a dialogue with all the players involved to openly discuss the challenges of grid expansion. If we offer a reliable infrastructure that reacts flexibly to fluctuations in supply and demand. And if we consider the customer’s perspective in all of our. Then we can look forward to a successful energy transition for a sustainable world.

Our Tasks

  • We ensure stability.

  • We promote the integration of renewable energies.

  • We strongly facilitate the electricity market.

  • We are realising the grid of the future.

  • We are connected with Europe.


53.4 percent

49 TWh


calculated share of renewable
energies in power consumption.
physical electricity exports
from the 50Hertz grid area.
employees working on a
successful energy transition.

Secure power supply to

10,200 km

18 million

109,619 km²

circuit length.
people. grid area.


Our Business

As a transmission system operator, we ensure the electricity supply for around 18 million people in the north and east of Germany. Our high voltage grid has a power circuit length of approximately 10,200 kilometres. Over 1,000 employees at eight locations ensure that electricity flows 24/7 in Berlin, Brandenburg, Hamburg, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia.

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50Hertz grid area